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My blog is all about running, traveling and web development with JavaScript and Node.js


A short list of my previous private projects as well as cooperational work in several teams that where created in my free time.


Here you can get more information about my career.

Welcome to my Website

Hi, on my website you can find information about me, my interests and hobbies. If you are more interested in my career you can get more details at my resume and my open source projects. Take a look around and read through my blog that covers all of my interests und supplies you with entertaining articles about several topics. If there are any open question afterwards or you want to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me via the listed social networks or drop me a mail. But let's start at the beginning:

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Web Projects

You want to realise a project or are looking for a website for you or your company? Please contact me so that we can discuss what fits best for your needs and create a concept customized for you and your wishes.

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Please also visit the website of the jsguys that were founded by Maik Paulus and me. Browse through our blog and learn more about the latest technologies and other interesting stuff in the JavaScript universe. Get familiar with our projects, inquiries of any kind are always welcome!

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