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Job Inquiries

Please only send requests for jobs that match my skills. I'm looking forward for interesting offers for JavaScript, Node or TypeScript Engineers with optional leadership responsibilities in an agile environment.

For more detailed information about my skill set please have a look at my resume.
Due to the current market situation I kindly ask you to write a mail for the initial contact! I do not respond to standard or mass messages.

It is very important to me to work for a company where I can share the ideals and represent their business model. That is the only way I can work with maximum performance.

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Project Inquiries

I am open for a variety of projects starting from websites and web applications to complex software systems. I'd love to support you with the implementation of your ideas or extend existing projects. Simply write me an email and we can talk about the details of the project in person.

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General Request

If you want to get in touch for another reason feel free to contact me via mail or phone.

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